1. Your Best Interests First 

  • Evelyn will never hesitate to point out risks or considerations that may not occur to you and caution you appropriately.  
  • Evelyn will never pressure you to buy a home but will stop you from purchasing something that has issues that could haunt you in the future.  
  • Helping clients purchase the right home or sell for the right price is more important to Evelyn than making more commission at your detriment.  

2. Education & Effective Strategies 

  • Evelyn will educate and guide you. You will be confident that you are not overpaying for a house you are purchasing or undervaluing a home you are selling.  
  • You will know and understand the processes involved with buying and selling, and how to use key strategies to your advantage.  
  • You will have lots of questions as you go along. None of them are dumb. Evelyn is at your service to answer them… repeatedly if required.  

3. Experience & Creating Opportunities 

  • Evelyn is an active and experienced agent who skillfully navigates the challenges of the current market conditions and creates opportunities instead of waiting for them.  
  • Evelyn will door knock, send out personal letters, use/create relationships with other realtors… all to generate opportunities for you if none are currently available.  

4. The Skill To Win with a Proven Track Record 

  • Evelyn is extremely skilled and has a proven track record of winning in multiple bid scenarios.  
  • Evelyn has a number of strategies she uses to put you in the best position possible during multiple bids that do not rely on being the highest offer.  
  • Evelyn won’t let you waive conditions to win in a multiple bid scenario that could result in issues for you in the future.  
  • You will enter the bidding process prepared. Evelyn establishes strong and positive connections with the Sellers and the Listing Agents so you have an edge when competing against other buyers.  

5. Keeping You Focused on Your Goals 

  • The process begins with Evelyn listening to your goals and priorities so your time isn’t wasted seeing the wrong properties.  
  • As you work with Evelyn and she gets to know you, she will provide insight that will help you focus on the right things and prevent you from getting overwhelmed or frustrated. 
  • In the current GTA market, Buyers face a lot of competition for the most desirable properties. The buying process can be challenging but Evelyn will make your experience as stress free and simple as possible. 

6. Dependable & Sincere 

  • Ultimately, Evelyn is completely invested in being there for you.  
  • Evelyn will treat and care for you as if you were family.  
  • You will feel confident that she is protecting you and looking out for your best interests.  
  • Punctual, accountable and accessible - you will be able to depend and rely on Evelyn.  ​
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Best Missisauga Agent, Top Mississauga Agent, Best Realtor Mississauga, Top Realtor Mississauga, Evelyn Lacerda, Lacerda, Lacerda Team