1st Annual VIP Movie Event July 27.19

Our 1st Annual VIP Client Event was a HUGE success thanks in part to our Amazing Neighbourhood Spider-Man! Thank you to our Co-Sponsor and my trusted mortgage partner Connolly Capital (Matt O'Neil)!!! ​ 

 We had the most ADORABLE big and small super-heros in training stop by to watch Spider-Man Far From Home and participate in our gift basket raffles. 

Congratulations to Josie & Steve on winning the Adult Basket! Congratulations to Stella on winning the Spidey Basket (hopefully your dad won't be too mad at us for all the candy you will be eating. 😁) . Thank you to all of our clients and Applewood residents for sharing such a fun day with us! 

Next VIP MOVIE MORNING EVENT to come... Jan/Feb 2020.

Evelyn Lacerda Real Estate Mississauga
Spider-Man Client Event for Evelyn Lacerda
Evelyn Lacerda Spider-Man Client Event
Spider-Man Evelyn Lacerda Client Event
Real Estate Pro Evelyn Lacerda Client Event
Evelyn Lacerda Real Estate Salesperson
Evelyn Lacerda Salesperson Mississauga Real Estate
Evelyn Lacerda Mississauga Real Estate
Client Event Spider-Man Real Estate Event for Evelyn Lacerda
Evelyn Lacerda Client Event Mississauga Real Estate
Mississauga Realtor Evelyn Lacerda Client Event