Tips For Getting Ready For A Garage Sale

Sunday May 21st, 2017



Tips For Getting Ready For The Community Garage Sale

Tip # 1

One Room At A Time-Don’t attempt to declutter your house all at once. Instead, set aside some time ahead of the garage sale and tackle one room at a time. Consider starting with your garage, so you can put all of your items you designate for the sale in one place.

Tip # 2

Three Containers For Garage Sale

Set aside 3 containers in the room you have decided to start with. Container # 1 -Garbage Container # 2-Keepers Container #3-Garage Sale items.

Tip # 3

Turn It Upside Down In Your Closet-Start by taking all the hangers in your closet and turn them around so all the hangers are facing the same way. When you wear an item replace it on a hanger and turn it around. Now you know which clothing items you should probably get rid of.

Tip # 4

Be Realistic-Items of sentimental value may be tough to part with. If you feel like you might regret it don't do it. Your feelings may change over time and when they do you can add the items to the garage sale pile.

Realize you aren't going to get it all done in one day. Start early and stay focused. Find a photo of how you would like your home to look and work towards achieving your goals.

Happy decluttering. We look forward to seeing you at the Applewood Community Garage Sale.



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