My Golden Rules of Real Estate Strike Again!!! 

1. Make it Naked, 2. Paint It, 3. Price it Right 

1485 Gulleden SOLD!
5 Days on the Market!
2 Offers!
Over Asking!
101% of List Price!!!

The last listing in this complex with a different agent took 20 days to sell. Congratulations Susan!!!! You have been so easy to work with and I've really enjoyed my time with you. xoxoxo

Aren't these two sooo adorable?!!! 
Congratulations Hoa and Huong on the sale of your home of 21 years!!! 

6 OFFERS! 5 Days on the Market! 109% of List Price!!!

Thank you for doing everything I asked and letting me kick you out of your home for 5 days (with 50 showings it was impossible to return home). I'm so excited for you to start your retirement travelling around the world! Congrats again!!!! xoxo

Congratulations Jovan & Kat on the purchase of your new home!!!

The 3rd time is the charm - this home is so much more spacious with a better layout AND income opportunity than the other two homes we had offers on.

I'm thrilled that we were able to get you a closing before your wedding date so your first home will be ready for your new lives together as husband and wife! 

Congratulations Marianne on winning against 5 other offers on your stunning new bungalow!!!!

That was a tough one...
We were the first to submit the offer and the listing agent dragged the presentation timeline repeatedly to get an additional offer, then two more offers as we extended the timeline to respond to the second offer, then another two more offers as we responded to the third and four offers!!!

I had to go back to what always works ... getting the sellers to fall in love with my client's story! And it worked!!! This house was meant to be yours and I'm so happy that I could be part of that! xo

SOLD in 5 DAYS, for $48k over asking, 107% of list price!!!

6 Offers!!!!


If you are thinking about selling your home, I can do this for you as well! I consistently break records for the highest sale on the street and sell in record time.

Contact me to find out how I can do the same for you!

Oops I did it again... SOLD in 5 days for 106% of list price. $50,000 OVER ASKING!!!! 

Congratulations Jay and Jen!!!!

The kids can have their house back and get to play with their toys again. Now you can focus on packing for the big move. Thank you for doing all the things I asked despite it going against every fibre of your bodies. It worked!!! I'm so happy I could do this for you! RECORD SALE PRICE ON TWINMAPLE, Applewood!!!

Congratulations to the Orlandi Family on selling your home OVER ASKING for 104% of list price in JUST 6 DAYS!!!!

It is super stressful to leave your home of over 50 years and transition to senior living but now is your time to enjoy your lives and let other people cook, clean and do all the house maintenance for you!

Thank you for being such amazing clients! It has been a pleasure and an honour to work with you! xo

What a night!!!! 9 years in the business but this was the FIRST TIME I was able to help my clients SELL their HOME only ONE DAY on the MARKET... AND... SUCCESSFULLY NEGOTIATE A PURCHASE of a NEW HOME - IN THE SAME NIGHT!!!!

Congratulations Vanessa & Danny!!! 

I'm so thrilled for you guys! We may have had to navigate some challenges to get both of these deals to come together during the conditional periods but everything turned out as planned in the end.

A very special double Congratulations to Yasha and Jodi!

Not only did we find you this adorable home with lots of room for the kids to play and a large ‘Man’s Den’ for Yasha, I’m thrilled that we were able to sell your Condo for such a great price without even going on the market!!! How amazing was it to sell without the inconvenience of packing up the kids and heading out constantly to accommodate showings!!!???

I am so blessed that Rob Zee referred me to you. You have been incredible to work with!!! Xoxoxo

A very special congratulations to Beth and Chris on the firm sale of your adorable home in South Mississauga!!!

The buyers are so lucky to inherit all of the love and improvements you’ve invested into your home.

​ I’m going to miss you both very much! Xoxo

Love seeing my clients happy!!! 


Congratulations Celina & Mu!!!! The Long Weekend can be now be enjoyed without showing interruptions!!!!

Congratulations Ken and Susan on a spectacular sale last night!!! I’ve never seen so much inventory in Lakeview Mississauga with sooo many homes NOT selling... Your hard work and trust in me paid off!

4 offers ONLY 4 days on the market and $40,000 OVER ASKING!!!!

Now you can enjoy your home without the constant tidying and focus on your incredible adventure moving to Windsor!!!!

It’s been such a privilege to work with and get to know you!

​(I’m so happy I was the only realtor to answer your emailed questions - lol. They missed out on great clients!)

Congratulations Jaclyn Marroquin on selling your very first home in just ONE DAY for OVER ASKING in MULTIPLE BIDS!!!

Now the fur babies don't have to sleep over at Grandma's and Grandpa's anymore and you and your sister can focus on buying new furniture for your new home!!!!

Congratulations Nancy, Ben, Alyssa & Scooby!!!!!

After being listed with another agent for almost 4 months we sold your home in only 8 days!!!!!

Thrilled that I could help you reach a quick conclusion to this chapter of your lives. You are truly amazing and wonderful people! I am blessed that I got to be a part of your lives. I see a very happy and bright new future coming your way with all of the good things you deserve. xoxoxo

Congratulations to my absolutely adorable client Ernie on the sale of his home!!!!

I’m going to miss you now that you are moving to Nova Scotia. You have been the biggest sweetheart to work with - not yelling at me even once because you kept getting kicked out of your home at dinner time for showings. 

Wishing you a wonderful new adventure in your upcoming transition to retirement!

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