Evelyn was extremely professional. She took the time to figure out what our competition was selling our home. As well, she was very thorough with helping us stage our home for photos and open house. We were able to get the price we wanted for our home and we sold in 5 days, which was more than we could have asked for, especially with children. Evelyn also gave us a couple different options to tailor how we wanted to market our home.

Overall, selling a home is stressful, but Evelyn kept us on track and demonstrated she is very disciplined in her practice. Highly recommended.

Jay Salmond

Google Review Here

Julie Novikova

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Jonas Granofsky

Highly recommend Evelyn. She helped my find my first home, then when I was ready to move on she sold my house with multiple bids. Working with Evelyn is always a pleasure. Google Review Here

Response from Evelyn
Thanks Julie! I'm so proud of the woman you've become. You've gone through so many challenging life experiences but you have overcome all of these and evolved into a better/stronger/more accomplished you. You have a gift for beautifying your space, so it's not a surprise that so many buyers were interested in your home despite being close to the train tracks. I'm thrilled we were able to negotiate such a great price on the sale of your home. Looking forward to repeating that experience with you!

Julie Holden

Evelyn really took the time to get to know us and what were looking for in a home. She is very knowledgeable about the housing market and always goes the extra mile. We love her!!! Google Review Here

Response from Evelyn
I remember how frustrated you and Glen were with your first realtor when we met. You are the sweetest couple and I felt so bad that you had been treated so poorly. It was a crazy market when we were searching for your home. Do you remember how many offers we were competing against? Was it 9 or 15? We negotiated so late into the night but it was worth it when we found out we won. I was able to make the sellers fall in love with you and that was the edge we needed in such a competitive situation. Thank you for all your referrals over the years!

Michelle Dela Cruz Gamo

Evelyn is great to work with, very knowledgeable. She went out of her way to help us out selling our house, highly recommend. Google Review Here


Response from Evelyn 
Thanks Waheed! It's been quite an adventure with your family! I always love getting to see you all. Maybe we should have a reunion to celebrate your brother in law's flip when we sell it? :)

Waheed Khan

Evelyn helped sell my home for over asking and helped me get settled in my new home. I'm so happy to have her on my side! Google Review Here

Response from Evelyn
Thanks Jaclyn! You and your parents have a special place in my heart. You were my very first client 8 1/2 years ago. That you trusted me and wanted to work with me again 8 years later means so much! I love that we sold the same place we first purchased for you in only 1 day and in Multiple Bids!!! Your new place has so much character. Can't wait to see your personal touches in your new home! Sending lots of love to you, your sister and your amazing parents!

Jaclyn Marroquin

Evelyn was a great help when we were looking for our first home. She was very honest and professional. She would not let us go over budget when bidding on a house, which was the right thing to do, we would have regretted it. In fact we found the perfect home in a much better location. Thank you! I highly recommend her services. Google Review Here

Response from Evelyn
Thanks so much Stacey! I remember that first offer night clearly. The bids on that home were out of control. It was so cute but so small. I'm so happy you trusted me and ended up with a superior home. Hope you and Silvan are still loving your adorable home and neighbourhood!

Stacey Tzanetakou

Loved working with Evelyn, highly recommend! Google Review Here

Response from Evelyn
Thanks so much Tim!

Tim Tompkins

Thanks to Evelyn we now have our dream home. Google Review Here

Response from Evelyn
Thanks for the great rating Ned! Hope you guys are enjoying your pool this hot summer. The kids are growing up so quickly! Stunning little lady and handsome young man!

Ned Calija

Saying thank you to Evelyn, seems so inadequate. They went above and beyond, exceeded my expectations. This was a whole new experience for me and while, at times, it was daunting, stressful and emotional, I know it would have been harder had it not been for Evelyn! Google Review Here

Response from Evelyn
Thank you Mike!!!! I will never forget that house that we saw where the occupants completely trashed the inside of the house. I still talk about it to this day. There was no way I was going to let you guys move to that area. The location and townhome we found for you guys was even better than what we thought we were going to find. This is the house I really wanted and envisioned for you and Lidia. We definitely saw some frogs but got you a little palace. I'm so thrilled for you both!

Mike Beyene

Evelyn made buying our new home a great experience. She was quick to respond to any questions we had and referred us to an amazing mortgage broker as well. Highly recommended to work with! Google Review Here

Response from Evelyn
Thanks so much Jess! You guys were able to see past very dated decor to imagine yourselves in a renovated space all of your own. From the photos I've seen so far the transformation has been incredible! So happy you guys are happy!

Jessica Fry

Evelyn was amazing to work with, as first time homebuyers she provided us with valuable guidance that we felt confident with our purchase. She was patient, understanding and went above and beyond to make sure we found a property that we love. Google Review Here

Response from Evelyn
Thanks Feven! You and Elias were great to work with! I'm so thrilled to know you are happily expanding your family in the house we found for you!

Feven Habtom

Evelyn has the patience of a saint and is extremely talented and skilled. We would have never found a home in Toronto without her. AND she is so lovely to work with!! Google Review Here

Response from Evelyn
Thanks so much Shannon!!! We saw some pretty interesting homes together -lol. I am so happy we won that multiple bid - your house is so great! Between Pete and Lochlann you guys are surrounded by an overload of adorable-cuteness! I just love seeing photos of them. Miss you guys! John always keeps me in stiches!

Shannon Carto

Evelyn is exactly what you need by your side when going through the house buying experience. She is attentive, caring, and loyal her clients. Evelyn will ensure that you find what you need and leave you smiling with a wonderful experience. Google Review Here

Response from Evelyn
Thanks so much Pauline! I will never forget how your unborn daughter helped us to win in multiple bids. It is now my secret luck-weapon and I have been able to use it again successfully to help another client win in a multiple bid -lol! You and Jamie were awesome to work with! xo

Pauline Camara

Evelyn helped us purchase our home a few years ago. We would always call her back for a future sale or purchase and would highly recommend her to family and friends. She is amazing to work with, has a great personality and her success speaks for itself. Google Review Here

Response from Evelyn
Thanks so much Yvonne! I've often spoken about my adventures with you and Tim. I still can't believe the seller/listing agent of the property we first put an offer on cost themselves the sale because they refused to remediate or compensate us for the active leak behind the tiled shower wall. There was no way I was going to let you guys buy something with that kind of defect 'as is'. It worked out because the house you are in now was so much better than the one we walked away from. I saw you and Tim got married a few years ago! Congratulations to the both of you!!!

Yvonne Ulrich

Very thorough, professional and courteous. Takes time to explain to make sure the client understands. It was a pleasure to have her our agent. Best wishes in her future endeavors. Google Review Here

Response from Evelyn
Thanks so much Loveleen - you are such a wonderful soul. I am blessed to count you as one of my treasured clients.

Loveleen Parmar

Evelyn great to work with. She's very knowledgeable and stays updated on real estate market and provides helpful advice. Would definitely work with her again and recommend her to buyers and sellers. Google Review Here

Response from Evelyn
Thanks so much Shafee! I loved working with you - I'm so happy your sister referred you! Looking forward to our next real estate adventure this September.

Shafee Halimi

Evelyn always goes above and beyond the call of duty. She has been nothing but kind and great to work with over the years that I have known her. She’s helped work through so many details that really made the all the difference. I will definitely use Evelyn’s services when I need to relocate again. Google Review Here

Response from Evelyn
Lindsey - I was so fortunate that Theresa referred you to me. I've enjoyed every moment of working together. My heart broke for you guys when the kitec plumbing issue prevented us from moving forward on that property that we beat 9 other offers to win. It was the right decision for your family and when the time is right, we are going to get you something even better!

Lindsey Karpowicz

Evelyn was amazing!!
We were first time home buyers and we had several things on our list that we wanted in a house.
She took her time and she was super patient with us, we saw a bunch of houses before we found the one we liked.
Even through the bidding war she pulled through and help us win the house - we now call home ❤️ Google Review Here

Response from Evelyn
Thanks so much Diana!!! I just adore your entire family! It was fun shopping for the gem we got for you. Thrilled that you are still loving your home!

Diana Restrepo

Evelyn is a dedicated professional, her work ethic and drive are top notch. I needed a house for the kids and I, after seeing 44 homes and putting offers on 5 we found our 'home'. She was always available, step by step, and we finally celebrated together too. I continue to recommend Evelyn and will choose her again should the need arise :) <3 Google Review Here

Response from Evelyn
That was so hard on you Trish. I remember being on the phone with you many late nights because it was such a tough and stressful situation. The market was so ridiculous and we had to limit our search to a very small area because of your kids's shcool. You were such a good sport despite all of the stress you were going through starting a new life. But you survived it all and now have a great home and an fantastic new life!

Trish Jurczynski

Evelyn genuinely cares about helping to find the perfect home. She makes herself available for you and goes above and beyond even after the deal is done. I would highly recommend her to family and friends alike. Google Review Here

Response from Evelyn
Thanks so much Lis! You and your family are truly wonderful. xo

Lisa Beagle

Life can get pretty hectic and we are always looking for everyday heroes to make a lives a little bit easier. And when it comes to buying and selling your home the stress can be exhausting! Evelyn is our real-estate hero. Her attention to detail is fantastic. She takes care of everything and really takes care of her customers! Whether you are buying or selling your home you wont find a better partner. Google Review Here

Response from Evelyn
That means so much to me Patrick!!! You and Linda mean the world to me. I'm very privileged to have been part of your lives!

Patrick Good

It was such a pleasure working with Evelyn. She was so knowledgeable and was very prepared to answer any of our questions. I truly believe that she went over and beyond and was always available when ever we needed her. Thank you Evelyn for helping us find our dream home. Google Review Here

Response from Evelyn
Thanks Jen! It was my pleasure! I know the process can be daunting especially when trying to decide if you should buy or sell first. You guys did all of the right things and luck was on our side when the other couple putting a bid on your new home backed out last minute. We got your new home for such a great price! Based on what you did to the house we just sold, I'm on pins and needles to see what you do with the new place!!! xo


Jennifer Lema

Evelyn sold our home in EIGHT days in the Fall of 2017. We had encountered an unpleasant experience with another agent and we were hesitant to put our house back on the market and trust someone else.
After meeting Ev, our fears were put to rest! Her warmth and professionalism put us at ease and her knowledge of the real estate market was outstanding. Evelyn was such a pleasure to work with.
Her patience, warmth and guidance is something we will never forget! Google Review Here

Response from Evelyn
I really feel like we were 'meant to be'. When you initially cancelled our 1st meeting because you chose the other agent before meeting me, I was disappointed because you sounded so great. 5 months later when the other agent still hadn't sold your home we got our second chance and a super quick sale. It all came down to educating the buyer agent and negotiation. You are the most generous soul I've ever met and a magnificient survivor! Hugs and kisses to you and the family... extra kisses for Scoobs!

Nancy Staios

Very professional.. We met Evelyn at an open house and we hit it off, she is very caring and you can tell she wants you to be happy with your purchase and not just in this business for a quick sale.. We have looked at many house with Evelyn but have never pulled the trigger and we don't feel like there is any pressure from Evelyn to do so..
I would recommend Evelyn in a second to anyone looking to buy a house or switch brokers. Google Review Here

Response from Evelyn
Thanks very much Rich! Love you and your adorable family! The super cute home we found for your family in which you still reside was a great find. Any of the opportunities we have explored since then was a great excuse to see you guys and catch up. :)

Richard Beagle

Evelyn is absolutely the best to work with, I can not recommend her enough! She truly cares for her clients and wants them to be happy with their purchase. She never puts pressure on you or makes you feel like you have to settle for something that you are not entirely in love with. She makes sure that her clients' needs always come first. She is warm, detail oriented and organized, always available to answer questions and offers you all the support you need when you are selling/buying a property. We bought our place with Ev's help over 2 years ago and couldn't be happier. Google Review Here

Response from Evelyn
Thanks so much Grace!!! It was pretty magical working with you guys. I can't believe you couldn't find a single property you liked when you were working with the other agent before me, then immediately we found two properties you loved. You definitely ended up with the better property. Love you guys!

Grace Zhang Granofsky

Evelyn is totally committed to working effortlessly for her clients. She understands the anxieties of both the buyer and seller and goes to great lengths to make the process as stress free as possible! Her professionalism, knowledge, guidance and warmth were always reassuring as we embarked on selling our family home. We consider Evelyn a dear friend now and would totally recommend her to anyone looking for a real estate professional. Google Review Here

Response from Evelyn
Its incredible how close we became during such a short time. I remember loving your family's company so much that I would stay for hours after our meetings just enjoying the conversation. Thank you so much Linda for welcoming me into your home and your lives! xo

Linda Good

Evelyn was awesome to work with! She was very diligent and went out of her way to help me find a condo unit as my first home purchase. She was very knowledgeable in which areas were a good fit for my lifestyle and which areas were not. I've been happily living in my condo for 2 years now and have Evelyn to thank for that. I highly recommend working with Evelyn. Google Review Here

Response from Evelyn
Thanks so much Kyle! I was sad to lose you guys as neighbours but I love seeing your parents adventures in the U.S. via facebook. I love that I was able to get to know you better through our real estate adventures. Your potential is limitless and I'm so proud of the things you have accomplished. Much love to you and the family! xo

Kyle Siquioco

Evelyn is amazing to work with! She is so professional and truly cares about making you happy above all. With all the stress that can come from buying and selling a house it is so nice to work with somebody who makes it as stress free as possible and Evelyn is that person! She is so detailed and really makes sure you understand exactly what is going on in your selling or buying experience. Definitely would recommend her. If you are in need of selling your house or buying your dream home look no further because Evelyn is who you should put your trust in! Google Review Here

Response from Evelyn
Much appreciated Vanessa!!! Your home was soooo beautiful the buyers were lucky to benefit from your personal touches. Excited to work with you again and repeat the experience. Can't wait to meet the newest addition to your beautiful family! xo

Vanessa Rosa