Buying A Home Fact Vs. Fiction

Tuesday May 23rd, 2017


Buying a home is a huge decision that should be made based on fact and not fiction. Here are 4 examples of fiction that may have kept you from buying a home. You may be surprised to learn that you too can be a homeowner.

Fiction: My credit score will stop me from getting a mortgage.

Fact: While your credit score must be good, it does not have to be perfect for you to be approved for a mortgage. An excellent credit score will, however, make you eligible for better rates. There are plenty of mortgage companies and products that can help you move beyond your credit challenges and into your own home. No matter what your score is, you should not shy away from consulting with a financial expert, realtor, or mortgage specialist to create a plan that will help you into a better financial position.

Fiction: Renting is cheaper.

Fact: In general, this is not true. Most renters are paying rent that is even higher than a mortgage would be on a similar property. In many cases the landlord is having his/her mortgage paid, while building credit and gaining equity. That could be you instead. You could make similar payments on a home you own rather than one you rent.

Fiction: The whole process is too confusing.

Fact: Hiring the right Realtor® will eliminate any confusion. The right Realtor® can make the experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible and will guide you through the entire process. You are not alone. Qualified help will keep you organized and informed.

Fiction: I don’t need a real estate agent.

Fact: Not everyone can sell a home. Real estate professionals are well versed on the rules and regulations surrounding the purchase of a home and have access to the most up-to-date inventory.. Working with a local Realtor® also has its advantages – they will know about schools, price ranges suitable and neighbourhoods.


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