8 Clever Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide

Wednesday Aug 29th, 2018


1. Cutting Boards – Add hydrogen peroxide to an opaque spray bottle and spray on cutting boards to bubble away food prep nasties. Then scrub, rinse clean, and let dry.

2. Refrigerator and Dishwasher – Hydrogen peroxide is a great non-toxic formula for cleaning places that store food and dishes. Simply spray the inside of the appliance, let sit for several minutes, and wipe clean.

3. Sponges – Place sponges in a 50/50 mixture of warm water and hydrogen peroxide and soak for 10 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly.

4. Pots and Pans – Add enough baking soda to hydrogen peroxide to make a paste. Rub the paste onto dirty pots and pans and let sit. Scrub with a sponge and warm water to remove the caked on stains and rinse clean.

5. Toilet Bowl – Skip the harsh toilet bowl cleaner. Just pour half a cup of hydrogen peroxide into the bowl, let sit for 20 to 30 minutes, scrub clean, and flush.

6. Flooring – Add half a cup of hydrogen peroxide to a gallon of hot water and use it to clean just about any floor type.

7. Plastic Toys – Because it’s not a lung irritant, hydrogen peroxide is safe to use around kids. Simply fill an opaque spray bottle and spray toys, storage containers, toy boxes, or pretty much anything your kids touch on a day to day basis.

8. Mold Stains – Hydrogen peroxide is even a great way not just to remove mold stains, but to penetrate porous surfaces and kill it at the source. The key to success is to attack the problem as soon as you notice those tell-tale black mold spots.

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