5 Easy Tips to Step up Your Curb Appeal

Tuesday Mar 03rd, 2020


As the market gets increasingly more competitive, how do you ensure your home gets seen? ⠀

Curb Appeal!

The exterior can sometimes be an afterthought when listing your house, but don’t let it be - Think of it as your first impression.⠀

As I’ve said before, buyers form their opinion of a home within a few seconds. ⠀

If you want to sell your home, start thinking like a buyer. Here are five easy and low-cost updates to boost your home’s curb appeal:⠀


Paint your front door, shutters, and trim. This will freshen up the overall exterior and give your home that special something that buyers will remember. ⠀

Update the hardware⠀

Replace your old and dingy house numbers, doorknob and mailbox. Whether you realize it or not, everyone will come up close and personal with these fixtures.⠀


An open-house tip is to turn on all the lights to give your home a sense of warmth and “liveability.” This also applies to your home’s exterior, helping to highlight the entrance to your home and welcoming buyers in.⠀


A well-tended garden alludes to a well-maintained home – something most homebuyers would consider a plus. This is also a cost-effective and low-effort way to add non-committal color to the exterior.⠀

Roof Repairs⠀

While this isn’t exactly a “cheap” fix, but it could be well worth the price in the grand scheme of things. A home with missing or curled shingles screams “keep walking!” to potential homebuyers.⠀

If you’re thinking about selling, get in touch with us today and we will handle the rest!  ⠀

•Information supplied by RE/MAX Canada•⠀


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